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(learned from Janet Smith in 1961, written by Ann Johansen Bredon)

(staff with melody line)

Babe, I'm gonna leave you
Tell you when I'm gonna leave you
Leave you when old summer comes,
    summer comes a-rollin',
    summer comes along.

That old highway's calling,
Tell you that old highway's calling,
Calling me to travel on,
    travel down the western road,
    travel on alone.

Babe, I've gotta ramble,
You don't always gotta ramble,
But my feet are going down,
    going down that highway,
    going down alone.

Babe, I'd like to stay here,
You know I'd really like to stay here,
But my feet are going down,
    and I gotta follow,
    and I gotta go.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)