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(learned orally and from Lift Every Voice, edited by Irwin Silber;

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I've travelled 'round this country from shore to shining shore,
And it really made me wonder 'bout the things I heard and saw
I saw the weary miner scrubbing coal dust off his back.
I heard his children crying, got no coal to heat his shack.
    But the banks are made of marble, with a guard at every door
    And the vaults are filled with silver that the miners sweated for.

I saw the honest farmer plodding his sod and loam.
I heard the auction hammer knocking down his home.
    But the banks are made (etc.)

I saw the seaman standing idly by the shore.
I heard his bosses saying, Got no work for you no more.
    But the banks are made (etc.)

I saw my brothers working throughout this mighty land.
I pray we'll get together, and together make our stand.
    Then we'll own those banks of marble with no guard at any door,
    And we'll share those vaults of silver that we have sweated for.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)