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(learned from Chris Selsor in about 1960)

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I told ya not to take that bloodred lily
And plant it round my door
Beware of the rabbit that nibbles at the flowers
He'll be a big man once more
    He'll come lookin' for you,
    Lookin' for me,
    I know he'll find us on Lookout Mountain,
    Where all hopeless lovers must be.

I told ya not to feed that one-eyed pigeon
That bundle of Johnson grass
Beware of the pigeon that hovers like an eagle
He'll bring evil things to pass,
    He'll come lookin' for you..

I told ya not to take those boots and that horsewhip
My momma done tried the same
The ghost of my husband will rise from the swampland
And beat me for takin' your name
    He'll come lookin' for you...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)