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(learned from Sesame Street television program in the 1970s)

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Our heads are gardens that grow hair, some are dark and some are fair.
Some hair is yellow and some is brown, some stands up and some hangs down.
The wind blows hair into our eyes...

Some eyes are brown and some are blue, but all are made for seeing through.
Sometimes they shut like this one did, but every eye has its eyelid.
And every eyelid has its lashes for keeping out the dust and ashes.

Your eyes are good friends, I suppose, but are divided by your nose.
Next come the lips and underneath, chewing and smiling, are the teeth.

Tongues are useful without doubt, for talking and for sticking out.
Some tongues are long, but don't come near, reaching around to touch the ear.

The cheek is just in front of that, and when we smile it's round and fat.
Faces all end up with a chin, though some stick out and some stick in.

Then comes the neck, round like a ring, the throat in front for swallowing.
The neck is long, but even more so is the part we call the torso.
With shoulders that we hang a gown on, going down to what we all sit down on.
The chest, the shoulders, and the back; the stomach, something like a sack.

The arms come from the shoulders, and each has an elbow, wrist and hand.
Out of the hand the fingers come, first, second, third, fourth, and the thumb.
The first is the index, then the dinky, the one on the end is called the pinky.

Next to the last are the legs and these bend in the middle at the knees.
Last of all we find the feet, with shoes to keep them off the street.
Hey! those feet are running away! I guess we've sung enough today!

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)