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(by Tom Paxton; learned in about 1967 at Teton Tea Parties)

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It's a hard and a dusty road, it's a hot and heavy load,
And the folks that I meet aren't always kind;
Some are bad and some are good, some have done the best they could,
Some have tried to ease my troubled mind.
    And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound,
    Can't help but wonder where I'm bound.

I've been travelling all around, just doing the best I can
Trying to find what I was meant to be
And the people that I see look as worried as can be,
I think that they're all wondering too.
    And I can't help but wonder...

I had a little girl one time, she had lips like sherry wine,
And I loved her 'til my head went plumb insane,
But I was too blind to see she was a-driftin' away from me,
And my gal, she went off on the morning train.
    And I can't help but wonder...

There's a buddy from my home, and he started out to roam,
I hear he's out by 'Frisco Bay;
And when I've had a few, his old voice comes ringin' through,
I'm going out to greet him some day.
    And I can't help but wonder..

If you see me passing by, and you sit and wonder why,
Kinda wish that you were a rambler too,
Nail your shoes to the kitchen floor, lace them up and bar the door,
And thank your stars that there's a roof over you.
    And I can't help but wonder...

Well, I've been from shore to shore, and I've slept from floor to floor
So many places I have seen
I've seen people, I've seen things, I've seen cabbages and kings,
Sometimes I can't remember where I've been.
    And I can't help but wonder...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)