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(learned from Catharine Lucas in 1962)

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A little boy read in a wonderful book
Bickety, backety, book.
'Bout fairies who dwelt in a dell by a brook,
Brickety, brackety, brook.
    O-lee, o-lay, o-loo, my darlin',
    Children have quizzical ways.
    O-lee, o-lay, o-loo, my darlin',
    And some keep them all of their days.

So the little boy thought he would go take a look,
Lickety, lackety, look.
At the fairies he read of in that wonderful book,
Bickety, backety, book.
    O-lee, o-lay, o-loo...

He found him the brook and a fairy to love,
And they rode back to home on the wings of a dove,

The little boy grew to a man strong and brave,
But he never forgot the pleasure they gave,

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)