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(learned from the author Larry McCombs in about 1975; tune: Oleanna)

(music to go here)

There is a drink that I adore, I guzzle it from morn til night.
When I am twitchy, sad or blue, I down a cup, then I'm all right.
    I enjoy a glass of milk, or a well-brewed cup of tea,
    But, my friends, there is no doubt that coffee is the drink for me.

When I stagger down the stairs to face a newly dawning day,
I need a cup to wake me up and clear the mists of night away.
    I enjoy a glass of milk...

When my nerves are all a-jangle, panic signals at their worst,
I sip a bit, and very soon, those tiny flavor buds will burst.
    I enjoy...

I went to see my doctor, and he said, You'll have to take your ease,
You've got an ulcer, that's your trouble, that'll be ten dollars please.
    I enjoy...

There are many substitutes, and I've tried the most of 'em,
But the worst of all I know is that there stuff called Post-uv-um.
    I enjoy...

So you will have noticed, friend, the sad condition I am in,
I bravely smile, then lift my cup, and down my Sanka once again!
    I enjoy...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)