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(learned from Lucile Czarnovski in 1952;
-the words were written in 1924 by Zev Chavatzelet to music by Alexander Boskowitz;
-the dance was composed by Baruch Agadati)

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Ha simcha belev yokedet
    (The joy burning in our hearts)
Vera gleinu gil shof-ot
    (Our feet also full of joy)
Kach nidroch admat moledet
    (We are marching to our homeland)
Vena shira tov lich-yot
    (And we sing that it is good to live)
Ha shira beron zo remet,
    (The song full of joy is sounding)
Al harim v'geya-yot
    (On the mountains and in the valleys)
Becha zeinu od po-emet
    (And the beating of our hearts is pounding)
Ha kria tov lich-yot.
    (Shouting that it is good to live)
    Lo nechdal ki yesh,
        (We shall not stop,)
    Od dai oz v'meretz,
        (Because there is strength and enthusiasm,)
    Kol gufeinu lahat esh,
        (Our whole body is flaming,)
    V'halev go esh
        (Our hearts they are billowing,)
    Hal-ah kol machov,
        (Away with all pain,)
    Negaresh kol pegah
        (Banish all sorrow,)
    Vena sov haloch va sov,
        (And we will turn and turn again)
    Hora ad bli sof.
        (In a hora without end.)

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)