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(learned at kolo classes in Oakland in the 1950s from John Skow)

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Bolen leži mlad Stojan
    (Sick lies dear Stojan)
Bolen leži ike umre
    (Sick he lies, and is dying)
Nad glava mu, mladata nevesta
    (Over his head, his young wife)
Smaško dete na race
    (With a boy baby in her arms)
Solzi rani, solzite i kapat
    (Sheds tears, and the tears fall)
Po Stojanovo lice.
    (On Stojan's face.)

Stojan je podražbudi
    (Stojan awakes)
Itiko i govori.
    (And says to her)
Neveno le, ti mlada nevesto
    (O Nevena, you my young bride)
Sto me ladi licevo?
    (What is cooling my face?)
Dali sitna, rosa podrosuva
    (Is soft dew falling down)
Ili nilni dorždovi?
    (Or strong rains?)

A Nevena mu veli
    (Nevena says to him)
Stojane, bre Stojane!
    (O Stojan, Stojan!)
Nitu sitna rosa podrosuva
    (Neither soft dew is falling down)
Nitu silni dorždovi.
    (Nor strong rains)
Moive solzi, po lice ti kapat
    (My tears fall on your face)
Od selanski nepravdini.
    (Because of the cruelty of the peasants.)

Sinojka kaj češmata
    (Last night at the fountain)
Selani se zborija,
    (The peasants gathered)
Zbor, gor vaja, koga tike umres
    (They decided that, when you die,)
Dete da mi zadavat.
    (My child will be drowned,)
Mene me grabnat, daleku odresat,
    (Me they will seize, send me far away,)
Za pare me prodadat.
    (And sell me for money.)

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)