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(learned from Joanne Splivalo in 1999)

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Mama cind m'o leganat, mama cind m'o leganat
    (When my mother held me, rocking, when my mother cradled me)
Numai de dor mio cintat, numai de dor mio cintat,
    (She would sing of all her longing, of her longing she would sing.)

Mio cintat de dor so plins, mio cintat de dor so plins
    (I would cry while she was singing, I would cry to hear her song,)
Dorul de mine so prins, dorul de mine so prins.
    (Now I know her sense of longing, now I know her longing song.)

De cind dorui la inima, de cind dorui la inima,
    (For my heart is filled with longing, now my heart is longing too,)
Numai am nic odihna, nic la prints sinic la cino.
    (I know longing noon and evening, I know her longing night and noon.)

Cite dorui rales grele, cite dorui rales grele,
    (Oh, how many longings are there, how many longings sad and deep?)
Cites pa bratele mele, cites pa bratele mele.
    (Into my arms come many longings, into my arms for me to keep.)

Canu moare de batrim, canu moare de batrim,
    (Ev'ryone passes on, always older, all their longing passes, too)
Nu sti dorul de cei bun, nu sti dorul de cei bun.
    (Who can tell the good of all her longing? who can tell once life is through?)

Dar eu stiu de la multan, dar eu stiu de la multan
    (Still, I know I've carried that longing, in my heart it still will be;)
Dje cind mama mio cintat, dje cind mama mio cintat.
    (In my heart I carry all that longing that my mother sang to me.)

Ai lai lai lai lai-lai la, ai lai lai lai lai-lai la,
Ai lai lai lai lai-lai la, ai lai lai lai lai-lai la.

(very free translation by miriam berg which may be sung in English to the music)

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)