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(learned in 1953 from John Filcich at kolo classes in Oakland and San Francisco)

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\\Čuješ, čuješ, čuješ mala,
    (Listen, listen, listen, girl)
Dosta si varala!\\
    (You've cheated enough!)
Dosta si varala!

\\Čuješ, čuješ, čuješ seko,
    (Listen, listen, listen, girl)
Nemesti se lepo!\\
    (Don't think yourself pretty)
Nemesti se lepo!

\\Čuješ, čuješ, čuješ bato,
    (Listen, listen, listen, baby)
Ala ljubi slatko!\\
    (Goodness, love is sweet!)
Ala ljubi slatko!

\\Čuješ, čuješ, čuješ mala,
    (Listen, listen, listen, girl)
Bil poljubac dala?\\
    (Will you give me a kiss?)
Bil poljubac dala?

\\Neznaš, neznaš, neznaš mala
    (Tell me, tell me, tell me, girl)
Sto si obečala\\
    (What you promised)

\\Hoču, hoču, hoču, diko
    (I want, I want, I want, sweetheart)
G'de ne vidi niko\\
    (Where no one will see)

\\Voliš, voliš, voliš, mladu
    (You want, you want, you want a young woman?)
Ili stogod ti dadu?\\
    (Or whatever they will give you?)

\\Uzmi, uzmi, uzmi mene
    (Take me, take me, take me myself)
Ne plaši si zene\\
    (Don't be afraid of your wife)

\\Dala, dala, dala, biti
    (Give me, give me, give me, you flirt)
Srce iz njdara\\
    (Your heart from your bosom)

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)