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(learned in 1956 from John Filcich who learned it from Mrs. Sveta Kosta
-from the village of Kostar, Macedonia; hence the name Kostursko Oro)

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Dodek je moma pri majka
    (As long as a girl is with her mother)
Dodu je bela i crvena
    (She is fair and rosy)
Dodu je odila šitala
    (She can walk down the street)
Mominski pesni pejala.
    (Singing girlish songs.)

Mominski pesni pejala,
    (Singing girlish songs,)
Mominski ora igrala.
    (Dancing girlish dances.)
Godi se zacrnela se
    (When she gets engaged, it's like going into mourning, or blackness.)
Oženi se zakopa se.
    (When she gets married, it's like being buried.)

A što se svekor svekrva
    (And what are the father-in-law and mother-in-law like?)
Tova je crno crnilo.
    (They are like the blackest of blackness.)
A što se dever i zolva,
    (And what are the brother-in-law and sister-in-law like?)
Tova je žolto žoltilo.
    (They are like yellow yellowness or, sour as lemons)

A što se malkite deca,
    (But what are her small children like?)
Tova je sitni sindžiri.
    (They are like a necklace of small pearls.)
A što je kitka šarena,
    (But what is her colorful bouquet?)
Tova je prvoto libe.
    (It is the memory of her first love.)

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)