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(Macedonian; transcribed for me by Joanne Splivalo)

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Dosta, dosta, licno, bre Stoine
    (Enough, enough, beautiful Stojan,)
Slugim ce sluguvas
    (Of the way you're treating me,)
\\Slugim ce sluguvas, bre Stoine
    (Of the way you treat me, dear Stojan)
Seko, zboruvas.\\
    (You go after everyone but me.)

Ajde, ajde, licno bre Stoine
    (Come now, come now, dearest my Stojan,)
Begaj ti po mene
    (Hasten, hasten you to me,)
\\Begaj ti po mene, bre Stoine
    (Hasten you to me, dearest Stojan,)
Jas stradam za tebe.\\
    (Oh, how i'm pining for you.)

Ne mozam, ne mozam, bre ludo,
    (I can't come, i can't come, my baby,)
Nisto ja si nema
    (I have nothing to give to you,)
\\Sirace sum, jas porasnalo
    (I am poor and always have been,)
Bez majka, bez tatko.\\
    (So is my mother and my father too.)

Nisto ne ti sakam, bre Stoine
    (I want nothing from you, dear Stojan)
Za sakaj me od srce
    (But you to love me from your heart)
\\Ljubovta e slatka, bre Stoine
    (Love is sweet, so sweet, oh my Stojan)
Naj zlatka na do groba.\\
    (And sweetest when it lasts till death we part.)

(very free translation by miriam berg which may be sung in English to the music)

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)