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(Israeli couple dance composed by Sarah Levi-Tanai in 1951;
-i learned the dance and the words in 1952 from Lucile Czarnowski)

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El ginat egoz yaradeti
    (I went down to the garden of walnuts)
Lirot, bei bei hanachal
    (To see the bushes along the stream)
Lirot, haparacha hagafen
    (To see the blossoming of the vine,)
Henezu, harimonim.
    (And the flowering of the pomegranates.)

Lecha, dodi, netse hasadeh
    (Come, my beloved, let us go to the fields)
Nalina bakfarim nashkima bakramim
    (We will sleep in the villages, awake in the vineyards,)
Naveh imafaracha hagafen
    (Beautiful is the blossoming of the vine)
Pitach lo, hasimadar.
    (And behold, the budding of the wineflower.)

Uri tsafon, ubo iteiman
    (Arise, o north wind, and come south,)
Hafichi gani, yizlu besamav
    (Transform my garden, make spices grow from it)
Yavo, dodi el gano
    (My beloved will come into his garden)
V'yochal pri migadav.
    (And eat his precious fruits.)

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)