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(Bulgarian dance; learned from Jaap Leegwater in 2008)

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Kirčo na čardak sedeše
    (Kirčo was sitting on the porch)
Pečeno jagne jadeše
    (He was eating rosted lamb)
//Pečeno jagne jadeše
    (He was eating roasted lamb)
Črveno vino pi-eše//
    (And drinking red wine)//

Ot dolu ide Kaluka
    (Down from the hillside came Kaluka)
Kaluka mome ubava
    (Kaluka, the beautiful girl)
//Kirčo na Kaluka dumaše
    (Kirco spoke to Kaluka)
Kaluka mome ubava//
    (Kaluka, the beautiful girl)

Zašto si tolko ubava
    (How beautiful you are)
Ubava ošte gisdava
    (Beautiful at first sight)
//Na lice bela crvena
    (With your fair skin and red cheeks)
Na snaga tanka visoka//
   ( And your slender waist)//

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)