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(learned in the 1960s at general Balkan dancing parties)

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//Tri godini, se ljublefme,
    (Three years we loved each other)
Los'a duma, ne rekofme//
    (We didn't say an angry word)
    //Zar ne ti je z'al bre libe, aman iza mene,
        (Alas, all because of me)
    Jas da umram, sve za radj tebe//
        (I shall die, all for your sake)

//Tebe te nosat, na venc'ilo,
    (They will take you to your wedding)
Mene milo libe, no obesilo//
    (Me, dear lover, to my hanging)
    //Zar ne ti je z'al bre libe.....//

//Tebe te c'ukat, tapanite,
    (For you, they will beat drums)
Mene milo libe, kambanite//
    (for me, dear lover, the death bells toll)
    //Zar ne ti je z'al bre libe.....//

//Tvojta majka pesni peje,
    (Your mother will sing songs)
Mojta majka solze leje//
    (My mother will shed tears)
    //Zar ne ti je z'al bre libe.....//

(from miriam berg's folk dance song collection)