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(learned from Pete Seeger record "Darlin' Corey" in 1954)

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My pocketbook was empty, my heart was full of pain,
10,000 miles away from home, bummin' a railroad train.
I was standin' on the platform, smokin' a cheap cigar,
A-waitin' for the next freight train to carry an empty car.

I got off at Danville, got stuck on a Danville girl,
You can bet your life she was out of sight, she wore those Danville curls;

She took me in her parlor, she treated me nice and kind,
She got me in the notion of bummin' all the time.

She wore her hat on the back of her head, like high-tone people do;
But the very next train came down the line I bid that girl adieu.

I pulled my hat down over my eyes, walked down to the railroad track.
Then I caught the next freight train, and never did look back.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)