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(learned from my father Frank Fitz in about 1947; also from Song Fest)

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Desert silv'ry blue beneath the pale moonlight,
Coyote yappin' lazy on the hill,
Sleepy winks of light along the far skyline,
Time for millin' cattle to be still,
    So, now, the lightnin's far away,
    The coyote's nothin' skeery, just singin' to his dearie,
    Yah, ho, amolla-holliday, so settle down, ye cattle, till the mornin'.

Nothin' out there on the plains that you folks need,
Nothin' there that oughta catch your eye,
Still you got to watch them or they'll all stampede,
Plungin' down some 'rroyo bank to die,
    So, now, the lightnin's far away...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)