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(learned in 1955 from Martin Choate)

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Oh, it happened in Vienna not so many years ago
When not enough folks were getting sick,
That a starving young physician tried to better his position
By finding out what made his patients tick.
He forgot about sclerosis and invented the psychosis
And a thousand ways that sex could be enjoyed,
He adopted for his credo, Down, repression, Up, libido!
And that was the start of Doctor Freud.
    Oh, Doctor Freud, oh Doctor Freud,
    How we wish you had been differently employed!
    For the set of circumstances still enhances the finances
    Of the followers of Doctor Sigmund Freud.

Now he analyzed the dreams of the teens and libertines,
And he substituted monologue for pills,
He drew crowds just like Wells Sadler, when along came Jung and Adler,
And they said, There's gold in them thar ills!
They offered no resistance as they served as Freud's assistants
And with ego and with id they deftly toyed,
And instead of toting bedpans they wore analytic deadpans,
Those ambitious doctors, Adler, Jung and Freud.
    Oh, Doctor Freud, oh, Doctor Freud...

Now the Big Three have departed, but not the cult they started,
It's been carried on by many a goodly band;
And to trauma, shock, and war-shock, someone went and added Rorschach
Now the thing has got completely out of hand.
Now old men with double chinseys and a million would-be Kinseys
Will discuss it at the drop of a repression.
But I wouldn't be complaining but for all the dough I'm paying
To lie down on someone's couch and tell confession.
    Oh, Doctor Freud, oh, Doctor Freud...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)