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(learned at Teton Tea Parties in about 1971)

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    Dumbarton's drums, they sound so bonny,
    When they remind me of my Johnny,
    What fond delight will steal upon me,
    When Johnny kneels and kisses me.

Across the fields of bounding heather,
Dumbarton tolls the hour of pleasure,
A song of love that has no measure,
When Johnny kneels and sings to me.
    Dumbarton's drums, they sound...

'Tis he alone that can delight me,
His graceful eye, it doth invite me,
And whe his tender arms enfold me,
The blackest nicht doth turn and dee.
    Dumbarton's drums, they sound...

My love, he is a handsome laddie,
And though he is Dumbarton's caddie,
Some day I'll be a captain's lady,
When Johnny tends his vow to me.
    Dumbarton's drums, they sound...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)