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(learned at folksinging parties in the 1950s, probably Hiking Club)

(music to go here)

Go 'way from my window,
Go 'way from my door,
Go 'way, 'way, 'way from my bedside,
And bother me no more,
    And bother me no more.

I'll give you back your presents,
I'll give you back your ring,
But I won't forget my own true love
As long as songbirds sing,
    As long as songbirds sing.

I'll tell all my brothers,
Tell all my sisters too,
The reason that my heart is broke
Is all because of you,
    Is all because of you.

Go 'way in the springtime,
And come back in the fall,
Bring us back more money
Than both of us can haul,
    Than both of us can haul.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)