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(learned from a cowboy songbook in the 1960s)

(music to go here)

Green grow the lilacs, all covered with dew
I'm lonely, my darling, since parting from you
But at our next meeting I hope to prove true,
And change the green lilacs to the red, white, and blue.

Once I had a sweetheart but now I've got none,
Since she has left me, I care for no one,
Since she's gone and left me, contented I must be,
For she loves another one better than me.

I passed by her window both early and late
The look that she gave me, it made my heart ache,
The look that she gave me was painful to see,
For she loves another one better than me.

I wrote my loved one with red rosy lines,
She sent me an answer all twisted with twines,
Sayin', Keep your love letters and I will keep mine,
Just you write to your love and I'll write to mine.

(repeat first verse)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)