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(learned from Teton Tea parties from Charlie Brown Artman, the composer)

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There was a climber in the land
Member of that fearless band
Upon the mountain, high mountain above
I followed him, and he taught me love
    Hammer that piton, and hammer it firm
    Don't give a damn 'bout those young hearts you burn.

The rope tied 'round my waist so small,
A tangled web, we let it fall
Strange how emotions can pass through a rope
Stranger how a word is not spoke.
    Hammer that piton.....

To hold eternity in your hand,
To see the world in a grain of sand,
To find forever in a glacier flower,
Live like this as you climb by the hour.
    Hammer that piton.....

We bivouaced on a mossy ledge,
It was there that our love was pledged.
And when the morning sun found the place
It found us locked in love's embrace.
    Hammer that piton.....

The panorama of the great beyond,
Like the music of an enchanting song.
We loved it all with freedom's bliss,
No conquered world could be like this.
    Hammer that piton.....

He said that with me he would stay,
And we'd go climbing day by day.
But I woke one morning, and found him gone,
He left me alone, climbed on and on.
    Hammer that piton.....

The pain right then I could not bear,
My love lost in mountains I knew not where.
And now, whenever I hear his name
I know my life is never the same.
    Hammer that piton.....

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)