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(learned from Bill Briggs in 1961)

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    I wish I were in London, or some other seaport town,
    I'd put my foot in a steam boat and sail the ocean 'round.
    While sailin' 'cross the ocean, while sailin' 'cross the sea,
    I'd think of handsome Molly wherever she might be.

Her hair was black as the raven's, her eyes were black as coal,
Her cheek was like the lily that in the morning grows.
O, don't you remember, Molly, won't you give me your right hand?
If ever you got married, you said I'd be your man.
    I wish I were in London, (etc.)

I went to church on Sunday, and she passed me right on by.
I could tell her heart was changin' by the rovin' of her eye.
Now you've broken your promise, go marry whom you please,
While my poor heart is achin, you're restin' at your ease.
    I wish I were in London,

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)