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(learned from Charlie "Brown" Artman)

(staff with melody to go here)

He was strong but he was stupid
Victim of a rash faux pas
Jumped into the bloomin' heather
But he jumped too flippin' fah

See him tumbling down the mountain
Gatherin' speed along the way
See the others on the mountain
Bow their heads and start to pray

See the rescue party gather
At the tavern far away
From the way that they are drinkin'
They'll be there all the bloody day

Now they've gotten to the mountain
Bearing stretchers on a sleigh
Now they've reached the fallen hero
But they've gotten there too late

He was strong but he was stupid
And by rights he should be dead
But he saved the situation
When he landed on his head!

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)