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(learned from Peter Paul & Mary in the 1960s)

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Farewell to you, my own true love, I am going far away,
I am bound for California, but I know that I'll return some day.
    So fare thee well, my own true love,
    and when I return united we will be,
    It's not the leavin' of Liverpool that grieves me
    but my darlin' when I think of thee.

I have shipped upon a Yankee ship, Davy Crockett is her name,
And Burgess is the captain of her and they say he has an evil name.
    So fare the well...

Oh, the sun is on the harbour, love, and I wish I could remain,
For I know it will be some long time before I see you again.
    So fare the well...

I've sailed with Burgess once before, and I think that I know him well,
If a sailor can't get along with him, then it surely is a livin' hell.
    So fare the well...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)