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(composed by Tom Aley, Hiking Club climber and caver)

(music to go here)

The lonesome road is a-callin' me,
I am a slave to the asphalt sea.
Walkin' on the edge of the burnin' gravel,
What a way for a man to travel!

I'm a man who was born to roam,
Go through life without a home,
My heart's like the pavement, cold and gray,
I've walked so much I'm like the great highway.

Trucks and cars go flashin' by,
They don't care if you live or die,
My heart's like a truck with heavy load,
Doomed to rovin' a lonesome road.

Once was a day I thought I was through
Worked in an office like office folk do
Tried my best but it all went wrong,
I'm a lonely man with a lonely song.

(repeat first verse)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)