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(learned from Berkeley folksinger Janet Smith in about 1961)

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I had a sister Sally, who was younger than I am
She had so many sweethearts she had to deny them
But as for me I never had many
If you want to take my heart, I'll be thankful for any,
    Come, a landsman, a tinsman, a tinker or a tailor
    A fiddler or a dancer, a plowboy or a sailor,
    Rich man or a poor man, a fool or a witty,
    Don't you let me die an old maid, but take me out of pity.

I had a sister Susan, who was ugly and misshapen,
Before she was sixteen, she had been taken,
Before she was eighteen, a son and a daughter,
Here am I, six-and-forty, and never had an offer.
    Come, a landsman, a tinsman...

I never would be scoldin', I never would be jealous,
My husband would have money to go to the alehouse,
And while he was there a-drinkin', I would be home a savin',
And I'll leave it to the world if I'm not worth the havin',
    Come, a landsman, a tinsman...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)