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(learned in about 1970 from Ray Nelson)

staff with melody

There was a fair lady, from London she came;
She called herself Sally, pretty Sally by name;
Her wealth was more than the king himself possessed;
Her beauty was more than her wealth at the best.

There was a young doctor was dwelling hard by,
Who on this fair lady in love cast an eye;
He courted her nightly for a year and a day;
But she always refused him and ever said Nay.

Oh, Sally, pretty Sally, oh, Sally, said he.
Oh, what is the reason that we can't agree?
Your cruel disdain my ruin shall prove
Unless all your hatred will turn into love.

No hatred I bear you, nor no other man;
But truly to fancy you I never can;
Give o'er all your courting, I pray you, be still;
For I never shall marry you of my own free will.

It was some time later, a year had gone by,
When this lady fell sick, and thought she would die.
Entangled was in love and herself did accuse,
So she sent for the doctor she once did refuse.

Oh, Sally, pretty Sally, oh, Sally, said he.
Oh, don't you remember how you slighted me?
You took my love lightly and treated me with scorn,
So now you must suffer for things past and gone.

If they be past and gone, love, forget and forgive;
But suffer me longer in this world to live;
I never can forgive you until my dying day,
And I'll dance on your grave when you're laid in the clay.

She took from her fingers diamond rings three,
Saying, Take these and wear them while dancing on me.
I freely forgive you though you me disdain;
And now I must leave you in sorrow and pain.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)