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(learned from Sing Out, 1961; song about TV quiz scandals)

(To the tune of Sweet Betsy From Pike)

A dozen big companies are giving away
Hundreds and thousands of dollars they say;
They ask you some questions, and someone keeps score,
And they slip you the answers a few days before.
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, hoodle dang fol dee dum,
    Come along to the quiz show and join in the fun.

Now something for nothing is hard to resist,
Especially when it will never be missed;
And since you are only an average guy,
You're quite taken in by the size of the lie.
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, etc.

You act out your part in a natural way,
And then our dear sponsor has something to say,
While millions are buying the things that he makes,
You're getting some grease that fried out of his steaks.
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, etc.

Now that you're a liar, the company can choose
The moment its puppet will stumble and lose,
And if you like your job and you don't want the sack,
You'd better give part of the gravy right back.
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, etc.

You're a national hero wherever you're seen,
Your face is on every newspaper and screen,
And just like a saucer of milk for a pup,
Those suckers out watching keep lapping it up,
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, etc.

Then one day it's over, someone smelled a rat,
The bag has been ripped and they've let out the cat,
The companies find out that they're not alone,
For Congress is starting a quiz of its own.
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, etc.

Just see how they dig for the messiest smear!
It's the juiciest scandal in many a year;
We were all played for suckers, so why should he pay
When the big shot behind him just slithers away?
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, etc.

Yes, Congress discovered a long time ago
The profits concealed in a questioning show;
And Congressman Walter can tell you the tale
About how quizzers get votes and contestants get jail.
    Hoodle dang fol dee di do, etc.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)