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(as sung by A.L.Lloyd)

(staff with melody)

Oh, poor old Reuben Ranzo,
    Ranzo, me boys, Ranzo;
Poor old Reuben Ranzo,
    Ranzo, me boys, Ranzo.

Oh, Ranzo was no sailor,
So he shipped aboard a whaler,

Ranzo was no beauty,
He couldn't do his duty,

Because he was so dirty,
They gave him five-and-thirty,

The captain's daughter Suzy,
She begged her dad for mercy,

She gave him wine and water,
And a bit more than she oughter,

He got his first mate's papers,
He's a terror to the whaler,

He's known wherever them whalefish blow,
He's the meanest skipper on the go,

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)