The annual New Year's SLAA Retreat at Happy Valley Conference Center will be held this year from December 30th, 2010 through January 2nd, 2011, at the Happey Valley Conference Center in Santa Cruz county.

There will be speakers, meetings, and workshops on a wide variety of topics.There will also be lots of fellowship, fun, arts and crafts, singing, a Talent/No Talent show, dancing, games, and lots of other recreational activities. Newcomer buddies will be provided to greet and orient newcomers.

Fellowship members will offer workshops on diverse topics incorporating traditionally suggested program recovery tools and other tools our members have discovered through their personal experiences. Topics range from Applying the Twelve Steps and Sponsorship to Recovering from Anorexia, Sober Dating and Self-Expression, and more. There will be a variety of formats including writing, discussion, and active participation.

If you have more questions, you can email, or call Laurel B. (720)280-8126, or check We are making changes based on your feedback; please send your suggestions or concerns to us at the email address. The registration form is printed below.

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