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(learned from campfire singing; by Stephen Foster)

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De time is never dreary if de darkey never groans,
De ladies never weary with de rattle of de bones.
    Ring, ring the banjo, I like that good old song,
    Come again, my true love, oh, where've you been so long?

Oh, never count de bubbles when dere's water in de spring,
De darkey hab no trouble while he's got dis song to sing.
    Ring, ring the banjo...

Once I was so lucky, my massa set me free,
I went to old Kentucky to see what I could see.
    Ring, ring the banjo...

Early in de morning of a lovely summer day,
My massa sent me warning he'd like to hear me play.
    Ring, ring the banjo...

My love, I'll have to leave you while de river's running high,
But I never can deceive you, so don't you wipe your eye.
    Ring, ring the banjo...

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)