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(learned from Chris Selsor in about 1959)

(music to go here)

(music calligraphy by miriam berg)

Grandfather sang it under the gallows,
You women and children and all mankind,
Money is good, and a girl might be better,
But good strong blows are delights to the mind.
    There, standing in the cart, he sang it from his heart,
    Robbers had taken his old tambourine.
    So he pulled down the moon, and rattled out a tune,
    Robbers had taken his old tambourine.

A girl I had, but she followed another;
Money I had, but it went in the night;
Strong drink I had, but it led me to sorrow,
But a good strong cause and blows are delights.
    All there took up the tune, On, on, my darling man,
    Robbers had taken his (etc.)

Money is good and a girl might be better,
No matter what happens or who takes a fall;
But good strong blows--, the rope gave a jerk and
No more could he say for his throat was too small.
    But he kicked before he died, he did it out of pride,
    Robbers had taken (etc.)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)