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(learned orally and from Song Fest)

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Y'heave-ho, my lads, the wind blows free!
A pleasant gale is on our lee,
And soon across the ocean clear
Our gallant bark shall bravely steer.
But ere we part from England's shore tonight
A song we'll sing for love and beauty bright.
    Then here's to the sailor and here's to the heart so true
    Who will think of him upon the waters blue.
    //Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main,
    For many a stormy wind shall blow
    Ere Jack comes home again!//

A sailor's life is bold and free,
His home is on the rolling sea.
And never heart more true and brave
Than he who launches on the wave.
Afar he speeds in distant climes to roam,
With jovial heart he rides the sparkling foam,
    Then here's to the sailor (etc.)

The tide is flowing with the gale,
Y'heave-ho, my lads, set every sail.
The harbor bar we soon shall clear,
Farewill once more to home so dear.
For when the tempest rages wide and far,
That home shall be the sailor's guiding star,
    Then here's to the sailor (etc.)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)