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(learned at camps in the 1940s)

(music to go here)

I've got sixpence, jolly jolly sixpence,
I've got sixpence to last me all my life;
I've got tuppence to spend, and tuppence to lend,
And tuppence to take home to my wife, poor wife!
    No cares have I to grieve me, no pretty little girls to deceive me,
    I'm happy as a lark, believe me, as we go rolling, rolling home!
    Rolling home, rolling home, by the light of the silvery moon,
    Happy as the day when we line up for our pay, as we go rolling, rolling home!

(repeat fourpence, with tuppence, tuppence, and nuppence)

(repeat tuppence, with tuppence, nuppence, and nuppence)

(repeat nuppence, with nuppence, nuppence, and nuppence)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)