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(learned as a mandolin solo in 1948; heard sung by Mario Lanza as "The Loveliest Night in the Year"
-in "The Great Caruso" in 1951 which reached the top of the Hit Parade that year; -the Spanish words
were collected and translated by Thomas Keyes and versified by miriam berg)

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Que dulce vaiven de las olas tranquilas del mar!
    (How lovely the waves as they rise and they roll on the sea!)
Que lindas se ven en la playa gentil resbalar!
    (How beautiful, too, as they flow on the beach, then flee!)
Su grato rumor forma un canto de magico son,
    (Their murmuring song fills the air with a magical sound,)
Y su color de esperanza es emblema de amor!
    (So colorful, too! there the hope of all love may be found!)
    Pero con horrisono son, de terrible y feroz tempestad,
    (But hear the frightening sound of the fierce, of the terrible storm,)
    Sopla el rudo aquilon, en sus olas se ve majestad.
    (Blown by the North wind around, yet its waves take a majestic form!)
    Yerguen se en fiera altivez en montana de espuma cristal,
    (Rising so proudly and high, making mountains of crystal and foam,)
    Y con estruendo despues a la playa a morir se van.
    (Crashing and splashing they die, sinking into the beach, their home!)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)