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(learned from a tape in the 1960s)

(staff with melody line)

I cannot listen to your words, the land's too far and wide,
Go seek some happy Northern girl to be your lovin' bride.
My brothers, they were soldiers, the youngest of the three
Was killed while fighting by the side of General Fitzhugh Lee.
    Hurrah, hurrah, for the sunny south I say,
    Three cheers for the southern girl and the boy that wore the gray.

My lover was a soldier too, he felt it God's command,
A saber pierced his galliant heart, you might have been the man.
He reeled and fell, but was not dead; the horseman spurred his steed,
And trampled on his dying brain, you might have done the deed.
    Hurrah, hurrah, (etc.)

They left him lying in the field, those who that day had won.
A horseman spurred him with his steed, you might have been the one.
I hold no hatred in my heart, nor cold and righteous pride,
For many a galliant soldier fell upon the other side.
    Hurrah, hurrah, (etc.)

But still I cannot take the hand that smote my country sore,
Nor love the flag that trampled down the colors that she wore.
Between your heart and mine there runs a deep and crimson tide,
My lover's and my brother's blood forbids me be your bride.
    Hurrah, hurrah, (etc.)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)