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(learned from Charlie Brown about a sign on the highway from Pennsylvania to Ohio)

(music to go here)

I'm thirty-nine miles from the Ohio line,
I hope that I make it soon.
The bitches were on my trail all day,
I hid from the light of the moon.
    God said, Love your brothers--
    Oh Lord, what could I do?

I'm twenty-nine miles from the Ohio line,
My feet are all festered and sore;
A short man's step was all I could take,
Because of the chains that I wore;
    God said, (etc.)

I'm nineteen miles from the Ohio line,
Freedon awaits me there;
I'll see my wife and my kinfolk,
And sit in my rocking chair;
    God said, (etc.)

It's nine more miles to the Ohio line,
I can see that Akron creek;
My brother's flintlock is aimed at my back,
I'm staggering and pretty damn weak;
    God said, (etc.)

I made it to the Ohio line,
But the bullet crossed the line;
I forgive them, Lord, it's up to you
To cross that judgment line;
    God said, (etc.)

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)