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(learned from Pete Seeger and at Teton Tea parties in the 1960s)
-traditional folk song with new words by Lee Hays)

(music to go here)

Times a-gettin' hard, boys, money's gettin' scarce.
If times don't get no better, boys, goin' to leave this place.
Take my true love by the hand, lead her through the town,
Say good-bye to ev'ryone, good-bye to ev'ryone,

Take my bible from the bed, shotgun from the wall,
Take old Sal and hitch her up, the wagon for to haul.
Pile the chairs and beds up high, let nothing drag the ground,
Sal can pull, and we can push, we're bound to leave this town.

Made a crop a year ago, it withered to the ground,
Tried to get more credit, but the banker turned me down.
Goin' to Californi-ay, where ev'rything is green,
Goin' to have bestest farm that you have ever seen.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)