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(by Larry McCombs; learned from him in about 1974)

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I started on a journey just about a year ago
To the little town of Morrow in the state of Ohio
I'd never been much of a traveller so how was i to know
That Morrow was the hardest place I'd ever tried to go.
    I walked into the station for my ticket and applied
    For tips concerning Morrow, not expecting to be guyed
Says I, My friend, I'd like to go to Morrow and return
No later than tomorrow 'cause I haven't time to burn.

Says he to me, now let me see, if I have heard you right
You want to go to Morrow and return tomorrow night
You should gone to Morrow yesterday and back today
For the train today to Morrow is a mile upon its way.
    Oh, if you'd gone to Morrow yesterday, now don't you see,
    You could have been to Morrow and been back today at 3
But the train today to Morrow if the schedule it is right
Today it goes to Morrow and returns tomorrow night.
    I was so disappointed I was mad enough to swear,
    The train had gone to Morrow and left me standing there
That man was right to tell me that I was a howling jay
I could have gone to Morrow if I'd just left yesterday.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)