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(learned from A.L.Lloyd record album; Van Diemen's Land was the original name of Tasmania
-south of Australia, originally used for imprisoning convicts)

(music to go here)

You ramblin' boys from Liverpool, I'll have you to beware
When you go a-huntin' with your dog, your gun, your snare;
Watch out for the gamekeepers, keep your dog at your command,
And think on all the hardships going to Van Diemen's Land.

We had two Irish lads on board, Jimmy Murphy and Paddy Malone,
And they were both the truest friends that ever a man could own.
The gamekeeper he caught them and from old England's strand,
They were seven years transported to plow Van Diemen's Land.

We had on board a lady fair, Bettie Johnson was her name,
And she was sent from Liverpool for playing of the game.
The captain fell in love with her, and he married her out of hand,
And she gave us all good usage going to Van Diemen's Land.

The minute that we landed there upon that barren shore,
The planters they inspected us, some forty score or more.
They marched us out like horses, and sold us out of hand,
And they yoked us to the plow, me boys, to plow Van Diemen's Land.

As I lay in my bunk one night, a-dreamin' all alone,
I dreamed I was in Liverpool, way back in Marabone.
With my true love beside me, and a jug of ale in hand,
Then I woke quite broken-hearted, lyin' in Van Diemen's Land.

(from miriam berg's folksong collection)