A man who didn't believe in God was walking past God's house one day and spat on his flower garden. God and his brother came out of the house at that moment and his brother said, "God why don't you strike him with a thunderbolt?" God replied, "It's all right, it's organic anyway, and besides, I believe in him even if he doesn't believe in me."

* * * * *

One day God was playing on the beach. That may sound strange for God to be playing, but he was; he was resting from running the universe and was playing dodge ball with himself. He would throw the ball, then quickly run over in front of the ball and dodge out of the way, then run farther on and catch the ball. While he was playing some children came onto the beach to play, and when they saw him they started to laugh. "Look at the old man playing with a ball!" they cried. God looked at them and started to laugh himself; "It really is funny," he chuckled, and threw the ball at one of the children, who dodged. Another child caught the ball and threw the ball back at God, and pretty soon they were all playing together on the beach.

(originally published under the name of John Fitz)