to "Collected Essays of miriam berg"

i have collected and assembled all these writings not because i think they're much good or very interesting but because i wrote them, and i thought people might be interested in seeing or reading the convolutions of my thinking over many years. The second one, "Free Will?" for example, i wonder if it could have been written by anyone but an insane person. They show an unflagging interest in philosophical reflections, as well as an increasing use of incongruence and paradox and a steady tendency to try to be more entertaining and even informative especially the large number which i've written about the gospels and the person and history of Jesus of Galilee or Jesus of Nazareth as he is commonly called.

i present them here grouped around a series of themes or subject areas in which i have been interested over all these many years, and i hope you will receive them all in the same spirit of sincerity and thirst for understanding that i think impelled me to write them in the first place.

this collection includes all the essays i published separately in a little booklet entitled "Essays in Theology". Some are under the category "Theology", and the remainder are under the category "Christianity" or "The Synoptic Gospels".

and if you give up and think i'm crazy or dull and revert to solid fare like Emerson or Mark Twain or Aldous Huxley, i wish you well in any case. the fact that we think in words is a miracle; and the hundreds of thousands of available words are in itself another miracle.

                     miriam berg (nče John Fitz)