(composed in 2007)

(Please write a short prayer or meditation that you can use in times of stress to ask for help with your shortcomings.) -- from The Gentle Path Through The Twelve Steps

i hope for the best;

i always try to do what needs to be done;

i do what i say i'll do;

i pray that i may love everyone unconditionally;

i need to remember that i am no more important than anyone else (and also just as important!)

may the Lady (Lilith) help me to be more caring for others;

i am grateful that i always have everything i need and that i want everything that i have;

but i still pray that i do not want things which i do not need;

and i pray that i may be forgiven for saying "i pray" when i don't believe in prayer;

and i pray that i may always be able to forgive others and also to forgive myself.