hat a beautiful thing is meeting.

a beautiful thing it is to be in a state of worship.

Worship I consider to be a state in which we are better able to apprehend the oneness of everyone and everything.

I like to think that it is possible to be in this state of worship at all times, and in all places and with all people.

It came to me recently that the best description of God I know of is: Mother Nature and Father Time.

While I was walking along the other day, seeking to be in a state of worship, seeking to commune with Mother Nature and Father Time, it came to me that I have been mistaken in asserting or implying that I do not believe in God. What I really meant was I do not believe in a God, or even in one God. For it came to me that God is not a person or a being or even a thing; God is a property, or attribute or quality, and each person partakes of, or inherently has this property, attribute, or quality.

We may call this property "Godness" or "divinity". Thus rather than saying that there is that of God in every person it would be more accurate and clearer to say, Each person has the quality of Godness or divinity, each person is Godlike or manifests the property of Godness.

What is this property? For me it is the sense of oneness with everyone and everything I defined the state of worship to be. Thus when we are in a state of worship we are best manifesting the property of Godness that sense of oneness. That is why we feel that God is in the midst of us when we are gathered in a meeting for worship. That is why meeting for worship is such a beautiful thing.

(originally published under the name of John Fitz)